I want colorful hair. What is the process?

Lightening your hair is the first step to achieving any shade of the rainbow. Depending on how light your hair gets, as well as your color history, this will determine what colors are possible. Sometimes multiple sessions are necessary to get to your goal. 

Virgin hair

Virgin hair is hair that has not been processed with color. It is completely natural. If you colored your hair six months ago and it has faded out, the color is technically still in your hair and it is not considered virgin hair. 

Color treated

If your hair has been treated with permanent color, getting to vivids can be tricky depending on what was used. If you used box color, the journey is far more unpredictable and may take longer to get to your goal because of the terrible ingredients and metallic salts that are in the box color. You will likely be looking at a color correction which will run you $100 per hour. Consultations are always free if you have more questions about this.


How do I care for my new color at home?

I highly recommend limiting your hair washing to once or twice a week. This can be made easier with a little help from dry shampoo. You will also want to avoid hot water directly on your hair as it will fade the color faster and it's best to avoid too much sun exposure. You can also request a colored shampoo or conditioner to use at home to deposit color when you wash.


How much does it cost to get vivid hair color?

The cost can vary person to person and prices will fluctuate depending on what needs to be done and how much color we will need to use. Remember, consultations are always free and I am happy to give you a ball park estimate and figure out a way to work within your budget.


What hair color products do you use and will they damage my hair?

I use many brands when it comes to hair color. I am an artist and choose not to limit myself to one specific brand. The actual vivid hair colors are not damaging at all. I will not push your hair with lightener if it cannot handle it. If your hair is simply too damaged to color, I will refuse the service and offer a haircut and treatment regimen instead. With any color service, you should absolutely expect the structure of your hair to change. You are putting it through a chemical process. Please refer to my color care page for more information on this.